More Ice!More Ice!More Ice!More Ice!

More Ice!

Illuminated Plinths with Drainage

Our custom made illuminated plinths house LED colour changing lights and also and inbuilt drainage system. This collects all of the water that drains from the sculpture. The LED lightings can be set to one colour or change throughout different colour chase patterns.

Ice Glassware

Ice Shot Glass

This is the original ice glass, messy, wet, hard to handle and SO much fun. Perfect size, you know you are drinking from ice and they are designed that way. These crystal clear machine carved shot glasses are a perfect as the arrival drink of the night, we even use them to serve cold soup at dinner parties.

Ice Tumbler

For the hard core old timer who wants hang on to the past. The ice tumbler was around long before the Icy Drink came to light. Cave men used to drink spring water out of these babies! Cold on the hands cold on the lips, crystal clear machine carved, the perfect way to serve up a cocktail, made easy with the Funkin mix. You won’t be disappointed with this old beauty.

Icy Drink Glass

Historically full size ice glasses have been expensive, hard to handle and messy. Icy Drink has now abolished all those problems and allows you to create a signature cocktail or dessert, with a dynamic edge. Each glass comes with a plastic holder that catches the melt water, so it’s never messy. Be the first to showcase these crystal clear icy drink glasses, and we can assure you they have never be seen in the UK before now.

Ice for Drinks

Moon Balls

The new craze at celeb parties! Moon Balls are crystal clear machine carved spheres of ice. These cute solid ice balls, melt 10 times slower than your average ice cube. These spheres are HUGE in Tokyo and New York, now the new fad is on its way to the UK. Be the first to serve them up at your party, and wow your guests. The perfect serve for malt and specialty spirits as it melts slow slowly.

Bespoke Ice Cubes

You thought Moon Balls were hot, these bespoke cubes are smoking! Looking like your average ice cube, but crystal clear and last 10 times longer! These are unique – serious cubes, machine carved from crystal clear ice. Your guest will have no idea what hit them. Be the first to serve them up at your party, and wow your guests and start your own UK fad.

Regular Ice

We supply Bagged Ice which is filtered producing crystal clear cubes. This can be used for events & functions or even your own private party.

From our base in Sevenoaks we have the capacity to supply the entire UK through our delivery network not only with Ice Sculptures and Vodka Luges but bagged ice cubes as well. As our ice is a solid cube it remains as ice longer unlike some of the supermarket ice.
We have two sizes of ice cubes; one for cocktails and a larger cube for spirits & soft drinks. Our bags are 13.5kg in weight which will fill 8-12 standard UK ice buckets. Whether it is a garden party or corporate event we will be able to help you. If you need help or advice don't hesitate to contact us. We can advise you on the quantity you may need for your event