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Everybody loves the arcade classics straight from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s...

All of our games are delivered and setup before your event. In most cases we need to know full details about access such as floor level and door widths as most units come as a complete set.

Mrs Pacman and Galaga

Nostalgia is the name of the game. Take a step back in time and re-live the battles of the 80's against the relentless charge of Pacman and Galaga! Pit your wits against the enemy and discover all those lost skills all over again!

Classic 50 upright

Upright cabinet with 50 classic including Space Invaders Van Van Car, Pacman, Galags, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Galaxian,Dig Dug, Crush Roller, Mr Do, Space Invaders, Gyruss, Tank Batallion, Amidar, Zaxxon, Arkanoid, Qix, Xevious, Mr Do's Castle, Moon Cresta, Pinball Action, Scramble, Shoa-Lins Road, Bombjack, 1943, Ladybug, Mappy Centipede, Millipede, Pengo, Space Panic, Super Cobra, Super Breakout and Phoenix.

Space Invaders

Move your base left or right to shoot the endless waves of aliens marching towards earth. There are four buildings (shields) that you can hide behind, but eventually they will be destroyed either by enemy missiles or by the enemies themselves. The aliens' descent quickens as you eliminate them. Shoot the flying saucer for extra points. See the "FURRER" trick for information on receiving 300pts every time you hit the saucer.

Star Wars Trilogy (upright)

This game needs no introduction! All we need to tell you is that Sega and LucasFilm have teamed up to produce one of the greatest arcade games in history. With three standard stages, and two special light-saber duals with Boba Fett and the inimitable Darth Vader. Never underestimate the power of this game.