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Arcade Special Games

This selection of games are our most popular specialist games available to hire!

All of our games are delivered and setup before your event. In most cases we need to know full details about access such as floor level and door widths as most units come as a complete set.

Konami Dance Stage Fusion

One of our most popular Dance games for hire. Features hits from well-known artists, with a very large selection of tracks for players to choose from to determine their dance routine. The game boasts advanced 3D graphics, allowing players to dance to real pop artists. Features include the freeze zone, where players try to keep their feet on the arrows for longer and perfect step which boosts their combos. This game superseeds Euromix and Dance Dance Revolutuion games.

F Zero AX

Looking for Thrills and Spills? Then get into F-Zero. Futuristic high speed racing in a MOTION Base cabinet. Climb into the cockpit and experience the sensation of high speed fight in an Alien world. With this unique swing cabinet and awesome graphics you will achieve an amazing level of immersion and exhilaration.

Lethal Enforcers 3

Players race each other using the Konami Dead Heat System. Players run through the levels and only stop when they raise their shield(aim the gun off screen), but they must not stop for too long or their colleague will take the lead. The player who makes it to the end of the level first wins promotion and gets to decide on the next mission. The loser must follow orders. Players can choose from 6 realistic scenarios, allowing them to simulate various roles of law enforcement. This machine features the new Konami high powered recoil gun with a REALISTIC FIRING ACTION!The stage unit contains high powered bass speakers that vibrate when players shoot, giving a more realistic experience.

Sega Strike Eagle Deluxe

You are a Marine aviator, call sign "Strike Fighter", piloting a heavily armed F-18 Hornet into hostile territory. The enemy is powerfully fortified and ready for the fight. In the air you'll encounter MIG fighters and Bear Bombers while from the ground, you'll take fire from SU7 Sam Missile Launchers and ship-based anti-aircraft guns.