Arcade Winter Sports GamesArcade Winter Sports Games

Arcade Winter Sports Games

Great arcade winter sports games made by Sega and Nameco!

All of our games are delivered and setup before your event. In most cases we need to know full details about access such as floor level and door widths as most units come as a complete set.

Namco Alpine Racer (midi) Twin & Namco Alpine Racer 2

Hire an Alpine Racer Ski simulator Game for your event and feel the adrenaline flow as you ski on some amazing downhill courses. You will never be able to ski like this in the real world, through giant fissures in a glacier, over the roof tops of a sleepy village, and past the check point, to progress to the next level. These Ski Machines are ideal for a winter theme party or James Bond 007 functions. This game will attract crowds to your trade stand or product launch. Simply the best Ski simulator game available to hire. Two machines linked together create a fantastic competitive.

Arctic Thunder (midi) 7 & Arctic Thunder Twin (midi)

Pick from six snowmobile riders and six tracks to race on. During the race the player can pick up power-ups, ranging from boosts to atomic snowballs. During the race, pick up power-ups to use against your opponents. The tracks have many shortcuts and free falls, just like in Hydro Thunder. Four cabinets can be linked up for head-to-head play. Hire this game for your winter themed event!

Namco Alpine Snowboard Game

Hire an Alpine Surfer simulator for your event. Ideal for a Winter Theme Party or Extreme Sports event. This game will attract crowds to your trade stand or product launch. Simply the best Snowboard simulator game available to hire. Creates a fantastic fun atmosphere at any function How cool can snow sports get? Alpine Surfer captures the real spirit of snow boarding, right down to the radical clothes, and outrageous stunts. This is one visit to the piste which you will never forget.We now have a superb backdrop depicting a snowboarder in full flight available for hire to compliment this great game.