Giant ScalextrixGiant ScalextrixGiant Scalextrix

Giant Scalextrix

Every boy has had one of these. Now race on the massive modern alternative. Our eight-lane digital race track is one of the only of its kind in the country - and players can actually change lanes.

Digital Scalextrix

Our amazing eight Digital Scalextrix is the only one of its kind available to hire in the UK. With this race track, eight players can race over four lanes and change lane at the push of a button! The track setup has two digital displays allowing for a full competition to be run. The track is so fantastic that when a car comes off you can put it back on any lane of the track so that you can re-join the race as quickly as possible! Each car has a microchip built in so that it can be synced to a players controller.

White Track Scalextrix

This track allows up to four players on the circuit at the same time and is based on the original analogue system. The track can be Christmas themed with red cards or can be setup to be James Bond themed with silver Aston Martins!