Side Stalls & Fete GamesSide Stalls & Fete GamesSide Stalls & Fete GamesSide Stalls & Fete GamesSide Stalls & Fete Games

Side Stalls & Fete Games

Side stalls and fete games are a great add on to a ride or equally as good on their own.

Dunk Tank

A fun traditional, now modern classic. Hit the target with a ball to dunk the doomed participant into the tank. Great for charity and fund raising event

Giant Buzzer

Let’s see how steady your hand really is. This 6ft long buzzer includes a loud buzzer and strobe light to catch you out. The buzzer can be used indoors and outdoors.

Grab a Grand

The ultimate “everyone’s a winner” game. Up to 6 players at a time put their hands in the holes and try and grab the pieces that are floating around inside. This can be used as a competition where the players can try and collect more tokens than the other players.

Strong Man

Test your strength! Are you strong enough to ring the bell?!

Fairground Stalls

All the fun of the fair! All stalls come an attendant and 50 prizes. Extra prizes are available to purchase. Stalls available are Hoopla, Tin Can Alley, hook a Duck, Coconut Shy, Cork Shooting Gallery and Ball in the Bucket!

Unclimable Ladder

A great attraction for those who enjoy a challenge! Just climb on the ladder and attempt to make it to the end before it catches you out.

Basket Ball Challenge

This game is a fun challenge for all age groups. The popular game can also be combined with prizes.