Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

When our clients suggested charlie and the chocolate factory theme, as event designers our hearts leapt!

Our brief was to come up an amazing themed event like no other however in this case we were given a healthy budget to go on.

With the film in mind we designed a marquee that was split into different area, one of which by a chocolate river with a bridge.

The marquee itself had to be placed on a hard surfaced tenis court which was suken into the ground and had no anchor points. To get over the securing problem we installed heavy water weights around the marquee  to secure it in position.

We used various coloured draping and lighting to create the themed atmosphere and amazing props to bring the event alive. We also added extra touches such as astroturf around the sweat area and edible sweet treas.

The event also included a VJ that mixed photos and visuals on large projection screens. Later in the eveing we also provided confetti cannons for the dance floor.

We also of course had Oompah Loompah's for the event to add to the atmosphere as well as the event magaer dressing up as Willy Wonka himself.