Crucifrom Marquee

A specially designed marquee structure over a swimming pool

For this event, our client asked us if we could provide a structure over her swimming pool and have break out marquees surrounding the area. To this we of course responded yes showing our client one of our latest products, the Cruciform Marquee. Although a very techincal structure to install, the end result allows to large marquees to be joined in a T-Shape giving the same eave height throught the tent opening up a large space in the middle of the covered area.

The main difficulty installing this tent was the fact that is was on an unlevel surface and to make matters worse was over a swimming pool. Our specialist riggers designed a temporary platfrom over the pool to allow access to a ladder to rig the main portal beams. 

The end result was an amazing space with a fresh club feel.

Within the marquee were two white furniture seating areas, an 18ft x 18ft white LED dance floor, a large stage, two curved bar sections, one straight bar section, plus our photography disco package complete with computer controlled lighting for the band.