Relaxed Wedding Marquee

Our client approached us asking to put together a relaxed reception for their wedding. They warned us they had an area for a marquee, however the installation may be tricky due to their drive and garden layout.

Upon visiting we did a complete site survey and took precise measurements. We then designed a marquee that was split across two levels and connected to not only their barn but also their garage and house, all in different locations.

This truly beautiful event consisted of a 30ft x 40ft Ivory marquee with a touch of starlit linings, as well as a 20ft x 20ft Ivory marquee. The joint marquees housed a half round LED bar, a black LED dance floor, our amazing deluxe video and photography disco, four LED poseur tables, plus six round tables and four buffet tables.

Catering was of course in-house, cooking up our popular canapé service, along with a wonderful range of buffet selections. To complete the catering, a variety of hot and cold desserts were served, along with a selection of cheese and biscuits.