'Rock of Ages Themed Marquee

A joint 16th, 18th, 21st, 25th and 50th birthday in the theme of Rock of Ages.

This event consisted of a 40ft x 90ft Marquee with a special cruciform structure joining to a 30ft x 20ft marquee to give that wow factor. The structure was built on suspended raised flooring leveled over a 3 split level garden. The interior of the marquee had purple carpet, blackout starlight roofing with gold, purple swags and roof overlays. Interior lighting was set to red.

The marquee housed 173 guests who all enjoyed the variety of cocktails being served by our Flair Barmen from our oval round bar. The bar surrounded a stage upon which was a classic Harley Davidson Soft Tail. The Harley was lit up in white and red using chrome par cans lights to capture everyone’s eye, it was the talk of the party. As well as this, the marquee housed eight rows of tables for guests to enjoy a three course meal provided by CBH Catering. Tables were decorated with black velvet cloths and silver runners, with gold candelabras, purple candles and rock guitar centre pieces. The joining marquee housed a black and white dance floor and deluxe Video and Photography disco package making the marquee looked fantastic. 

Along with all the above, we included a variety of props to capture the essence of Rock of Ages. As all the guests entered, photos were taken by large 3D stars, silhouettes of Elvis and Marolyn Monroe. The guests enjoyed also having photos taken in a graffitied London taxi photo booth, with a variety of props.

Finally to end the night with a bang we supplied coloured coordinated confetti blasters and the quitened down the noise with a slient disco...