PTA Ball Marquee

After doing many functions for Sevenoaks School, the PTA approached us to supply a complete marquee structure with furniture for their event. The event was traditionally housed in various marquees, however, with the mention of a cruciform marquee they decided this would be more suitable as it would hold all of the seating, dancefloor and reception area to be housed in one area with an effective design allowing an easy flow of access between all of the areas.

Sevenoaks PTA Ball consisted of a 40ftx120ft marquee and a 30ftx40ft marquee, joined together using our unique specialist Cruciform structure. The main tent also included a clear roof hexagonal end, separate auction areas, a chinese hat entrance and a large catering tent.

The marquees housed 35 tables and seating areas for a sit-down dinner, band lighting, staging, a 28ftx28ft Black and White dance floor, a 4m straight LED bar, lighting such as Flood lights, Flame lights and Festoon lighting, as well as a 3+1 luxury Toliet Trailer. Theming was provided by the school themselves.