Juliet's Around the World in 18 Years Birthday

This incredible event and probably our most favourite themed to date consisted of 4 main themed areas chosen by the birthday girl herself based on her favourite countries she has travelled to in the past 18 years.

Guests arrived at the property and where checked into the event through our mockup airport departure lounge. Guests were greeted by an air hostess and then cheked through our fake body and luggage scanner. This area also held all of the food carts for the evening being a break through area inbetween the washrooms and the main marquee structure itself.

Once guests had checked in they walked down a red carpet and entered the first area of the themed marquee being New York's Central Park. We designed this area as a semi outdoor smoking area for guests complete with a clear roof and rollup clear walls. The area was themed using street lights, Mapple trees and of course a Statue of Liberty. Guests also had the opportunity to leave a birthday message tag on the central Mapple Tree.

Guests then entered the main marquee to be wowed by our African Safari themed area. This area had a full half moon Tiki bar complete with themed cocktails and uniformed staff. In this area we also created 2 chill out area's for guests to enjoy. Other activities included an Elephant drinks luge and a green screen photobooth with backdrops of countries from the theme. We of course used lots of life sized animals and forna in this area to bring the theme to life.

At 9pm once all guests had arrived we opened up a secret door which revealed the Bali Beach Party area. This area was themed using bamboo plants and furniture as well as themed floor cushions, Sahri's and of course a giant gold Budha. Another impressive feature was also our Neon Palm tree's adding to the theme.

The event of course included a structured lighiting and sound design to bring everything to life.

The party itself was a great success and completley suprised guests, many of which could not believe their eyes.