Ryan's 18th Birthday

Certainly an event to remember! Ryan hosted an incredibly well planned event, with most of the detail and input by himself and his family. Guests arrived and were dropped off on a red carpet entrance which lead down the side of the house. This then opened up to the 3 event spaces. 

The first was a relaxed cocktail bar area complete with our bar furniture and LED bars that were custom printed for the event. This area was lit using various types of atmospheric lighting including pin spot, candle lanterns and uplighters.

Once guests had sampled our cocktails they then descended into the night club area. This impressive area had a full array of stage production which included a large custom built LED screen, pyrotechnics, profesional stage lighting and a very powerful arena sound system. Guests could also relax on our chillout furniture or if you were lucky enough you had access to the hosted VIP area where drinks were on tap, on demand.

Guests danced the night away with music provided by our popular DJ Danny K.