Atmospheric LightingAtmospheric LightingAtmospheric LightingAtmospheric Lighting

Atmospheric Lighting

Atmospheric lighting plays an important role in setting the mood to any event! A simple colour wash or gobo projection can transform the look of any venue. We also offer unique custom made objects such as our flame lights.

Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting is a great way to light up outdoor lighting. The LED bulbs can be hung almost anywhere required and give of a subtle warm light.

Gas Flame Lights

Our custom made flame lights are the tallest and most stunning flambeaux lights available to hire in the UK. The flambeaux are made from wrought iron measuring an impressive 8ft tall. They also use a special burner allowing the flame to be set up to 2ft in height.

LED Colour Flood Lights

Our LED Flood lights are IP64 rated meaning that they waterproof. They can also be linked together using DMX outdoor cables. The lights can be set to one static colour or can be programmed to chase throughout colours.

LED High Power Floods

Similar to our colour floods, these lights are used for washing large buildings and objects where power is required! These can also be linked together using outdoor DMX cables.

Sky Trackers

A high powered 5kw lighting beam system used to light up the sky. These are often used at product launches or film premiers.

Silk Flame Lights

These indoor fake flames are 6ft tall and use different coloured lights to light up a silk flame kept in the air by a powerful fan.

LED Uplighters

Our led uplighters are IP44 rated and come in either 50cm or 1m lengths. They are completely waterproof. They can also be linked together using outdoor DMX cables meaning that they can be programmed to chase throughout colours. They can also be set to a static colour. These untis are used for lighting up walls and small indoor objects.

Gobo Projectors

Gobo projectors are used to project patterns and logos on to walls, objects and surfaces. They are prefect for projecting birthday names, wedding names, corporate logos and themed patterns such as a snowflake for Christmas.