Disco & Stage LightingDisco & Stage LightingDisco & Stage LightingDisco & Stage Lighting

Disco & Stage Lighting

As with all aspects of our company, we only aim to offer the best equipment available on the market. We regularly update our equipment year after year to insure this. We can supply technicians to rig our large stock of professional stage lighting profile units and of course lighting jockeys to program lighting scenes for your event. The possibilities are endless.

Dry Hire Equipment

We understand that you do not always need a DJ or a band at your event. For this reason we offer a range of high quality lighting effects for your event. All of our effects are flight cased and maintained to a high standard as we use the same equipment for our impressive roadshows.

The equipment is PAT tested on a yearly basis and is tested before and after each hire.

Stage Mega Bar System

A powerful wash system that uses RGB LEDS to create any colour. Programmed with lots of different chase patterns and colour scenes, perfect for bands and stage acts.

The Mega Bar houses 28 Mega bright 3W Tri colour LEDs consuming 100W. This system is ideal for bigger venues or stages needing the extra output and improved colour mixing the 3W Tri LEDS offer.

iSolution Flower Show 4

The iShow 4 is a powerful lighting effect Producing sharp beams of light which rotate to the beat with 14 different colours & patterns.

iSolution Colour Changer

The iColour 5 uses a powerful lamp to project colourful patterns which change to the beat of the music. Great for mirror balls.

iSolution iRock 5S

250w Scanner Effect that creates a moving light beam effect in the air. 14 patterns & 11 separate colours.

iSolution iRock 5B

250w Barrel Effect that creates multi beams of light moving through the air. 14 patterns & 11 colours.

iSolution iRock 7S

Same effect as 5S but with rotating patters and a much brighter discharge bulb. Suitable for large halls.

iSolution iRock 7B

Same effect as 5Bbut with rotating patters and a much brighter discharge bulb. Suitable for large halls.

iSolution iMove 250s

16 Channel moving head spot with 8 rotating gobos & separate colour wheel. 250w HDI bulb.

iSolution iMove 250w

16 Channel moving head wash with 8 rotating gobos & separate colour wheel. 250w HDI bulb.

KAM 3D Star Cluster

A great laser effect that uses a green and red laser to projects hundreds of moving laser dots.

Hydra Laser

The Hydra laser is the next advance in today's laser technology, which easily puts it at the top of the class. With a combined output of 350mW using Red, Green and Violet laser  diodes, the Hydra projects spectacular patterns and moving 3D animations, which will amaze every audience.
The Hydra comes supplied with a pre-programmed SD card which contains hundreds of exclusively designed beam and moving 3D animation patterns that are ready to use straight from the box.

Scorpio Laser

The latest Equinox Scorpio has a real sting in the tail! Combining the benefits of a cluster laser and a tri-colour multi-pattern effect laser in one unit. Light shows change from multi-beams to superb club effects with the beat of the music.

The unit features twin diode output apertures which allow the internal programming to alternate between hundreds of points that move and animate both independently and in synchronization with each other in an exploding firework fashion and then switch to geometric effects with patterns that include circles, squares, waves and flat lines.

Sigma Laser

Bringing a new dimension to cluster style lasers, this 150mW twin colour laser uses a 100mW red and a 50mW green DPSS laser diode to create hypnotic patterns via it's internal effect wheel. As well as starburst and firework effects this unit also produces unique Spiro graph and 3-D type patterns, that will enthral your audience. High power diodes, rugged metal housing and quality components make the Sigma ideal for professional use on the road or installed into nightclubs. The Sigma is a 5 channel DMX laser that is capable of operating in sound active, stand alone or DMX via the XLR sockets, the built-in microphone lets the Sigma sequence through it's programmes to the beat of the music. The patterns created make the unit suitable where fog and haze machines cannot be used.

Equinox 1.5kw Strobe

A powerful strobe great for small halls and house parties. Comes complete with a strobe Ignitor controller.

60cm Mirror Ball

A Large mirror ball perfect for all events. Comes with a rotator. Rigging is required.

1m Mirror Ball

A huge classic mirror ball if you’re looking for something extra special! Heavy Duty Rotator included.

Bespoke Mirror Ball

A custom made mirror ball centrepiece. Extremely rare! Comes with a rotator.

UV Cannon

Large 400w discharge UV light used to bring out fluorescent colours.