Pyrotechnics & EffectsPyrotechnics & EffectsPyrotechnics & EffectsPyrotechnics & Effects

Pyrotechnics & Effects

Effects are perfect for enhancing the wow factor at your event. We offer a range of visual and sound based effects from Pyrotechnics to Smoke machines. Our staff members hold ASP certificates meaning that they are fully trained to use stage pyro effects!

Confetti/Streamer Packages

Confetti can be used to enhance any event from weddings to product launches. When it comes to confetti the possibilities are endless. It comes in all shapes and sizes so we can colour match to the theme of your event. We use a safe British made pyro system to fire the confetti along with trained operators to setup the equipment and fire the sequences.

CO2 Cannon Jet Effects

CO2 Jets and CO2 Guns are becoming more & more popular as a way of providing safe spectacular visual effects that add noise and excitement to all kinds of shows and events. Particularly suitable for night clubs and DJ's, CO2 jets are electronically operated units that create cryogenic fog plumes of approximately 8m high with a loud sizzling sound, which makes the effect even more spectacular!

A blast with a CO2 cannon over the dance floor not only looks impressive, but can drop the temperature in the arena by several degrees making the environment safer and more comfortable for the crowd.

Bubble Machines

Bubble machines are fantastic effect entertainment for all age groups.  We offer large high powered bubble machines which can fill a room extremely fast. We can also offer UV bubble parties. The UV effect gives a mystical glow to the large volume of bubbles projected around the dance floor. Bubbles landing on the audience will allow them to take on a glow of their own very much like the UV face paint seen at many UV Parties.

The UV Bubbles simply wash off at the end of the night. We can also do normal bubble parties for kid’s parties too. Our new solution has to be seen to be believed it is the best UV bubble solution in the World nothing can even compare.

Low Fog Effects (Dry Ice Equivalent)

Low smoke is our specialty, we use machines that chill smoke using electronic refrigeration, so whatever the application, we will be able to advise you what system is best for you.

Dry ice machines are also available, dry ice can give a superior walking on clouds effect, but it is plagued with problems including storage, handling and vast power requirements not to mention the condensation that can occur on stage. It is because of these problems that most clients prefer to use the more modern and trouble free low smoke machines.