Gourmet Catering

The Food Shack

This custom built free standing shack can be used for almost any event purpose. Great for any event and can be customised. The shack is made form a solid steel box frame and is cladded with sealed wood and has a corrugated roof. A perfect mobile event space hire solution!

We offer various bespoke catering packages available to hire along with the shack which include but are not limited to:

  • Gourmet Burgers
  • Pulled Pork
  • Fish & Chips
  • Crepes
  • Hot Dogs
  • Cocktail and or Draught Beer Bar

About the shack:

  • Delivered on a trailer with screw jack legs meaning it can be placed almost anywhere with basic drive access. Perfect for driveways, gardens or fields
  • Height ajustable, can sit on the ground or be raised in the air.
  • Front and back work height counters
  • Fully wired and PAT tested 13amp interior sockets. Shack acn be powered from a simple plug and also has adapters to be powered by a generator, also available to hire in any size.
  • Interior sink with Jerrican's for waster water. Water containers available to hire also
  • Front signage can be customised
  • Lighting fully customisable from light up letters, lanterns to festoon lighting
  • Lockable service entrance
  • Full bar and catering services available
  • Full spec available by email however main dimensions are 16.5ft long, 7ft wide and 8ft high.

Coming Soon, Tin shack and half size shack for smaller events!