Black & White DancefloorBlack & White DancefloorBlack & White Dancefloor

Black & White Dancefloor

We have a large selection of black & white dance floor's available in almost any size no matter how small or big. These floors add a touch of class to any event and suit black tie events perfectly.

No Function is complete without a dance floor. They are perfect for all events. Our floors are suitable for indoor events and are all CE approved and come with shiny aluminium safety edging. Our floors are available in different styles and sizes to suit all events. We will come and install the floor before your event begins and pick it up either at the end of the function or the next day.

Why use us?

  • We clean and polish our floors for every event;
  • We are flexible with delivery times;
  • We offer delivery 24/7;
  • We hold a large stock.