Video Dance FloorVideo Dance FloorVideo Dance FloorVideo Dance Floor

Video Dance Floor

If you want to indulge then go for the video floor. It’s fantastic! We have a large stock of this floor available and can cover events of up to 1000 people. We also have filler panels to extend the floor too keeping the overall cost down.

The floor comes with a Video Technician and in house visuals. We can display your visuals, logos, photos and graphics in the floor too. If needed we can also make custom content for the floor too.

The floor can be used for many applications such as as a catwalk, a floor for a promotional stand, the list is endless. The floor displays full XGA video and comes with a video server unit. We can now adapt the floor to fit our LED range giving an extended illuminated dancing area.

Why use us?

  • We use the best floor in the world often used for TV shows and concerts;
  • We can adapt our floor to most size floors;
  • We can combine the floor with other dance floors;
  • Our floor has a very low profile reducing trip hazard;
  • We can display anything on the floor!