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Venue Draping

Our cost effective draping options can completley transfrom any venue you have in mind. Wether you are simply looking to transform your front room or drape an entire function room we have all the options and kit to do so. Draping always looks amazing and is perfect for themed events, hidding unwanted sights or simply cutting a room into various sections.

As an experienced venue dresser we can offer two options. The first is to install a guide wire around your venue to hang fabric and drapes. If your venue does not allow this the second option is soft scene pipe and drape pole work which is used to create a frame work around your venue. This is then covered in fabric of your choice and finished in some cases with swags and overlays.

We can also cover ceilings and create hanging draped displays. With this option we can create a starlit night skys using either Starcloth or LED lighting.

Why use us?

  • We have experienced riggers with knowledge in technical engineering;
  • We can transform any venue using stock drapes, fresh material and large selection of décor and props;
  • We hold a large stock of Pipe and drape.