Bring a 'wild' dimension to your event! Humanimal and his makeup artist collaborate to create a realistic looking animal live in front of your eyes. Incorporating detailed body paint (or full body suit) and prosthetics, the effect is as real as possible to complete the illusion.

The model stands at 6ft 2" with an athletic, defined and flexible body. According to your needs, the model can then act as a statue, standing or laying still, changing poses, or moving. Or indeed the animal of your choice can just mix and mingle with guests.

The detailed bodypaint with prosthetics appliance takes 4-7 hrs to apply, and requires a heated space in which to apply. A shower is always handy too! Outdoor performances are possible in the summer in warm and dry conditions. As an alternative to lengthy painting the performer can wear a custom created animal print bodysuit with open face for application of facial prosthetics and paint which will completely blend with the costume pattern and all other accessories (ears, tail, contacts etc).