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Robot Shows

The ultimate in entertainment! Our robot shows are truly jaw dropping. All are illuminated technical pieces of art and quite large to say the least. These acts really stop passers-by in their tracks. Scary, exciting and fun they can be used for most types of event.


Entertainment from another world! With lasers, lights and Co2 cannons, this futuristic android will stun audiences wherever it is seen. Prepare to be amazed by the insanely detailed battle armour and visible weapons such as a plasma cannon and blades.


The best looking, superbright LED stiltwalking robot in the world. With its changing colours, in-built pyrotechnic effects and awesome presence, the Globot is the most talked about robot act.


Titan the Robot appeals to all age groups, ethnic backgrounds and languages. It is difficult to find an event where Titan doesn't fit in. A walking, talking, comedy sensation, which will leave your guests thinking, 'how does he do that?'

Restrictions: robot is not suitable for drunk environments, and requires ramps to get into venues (cannot go up any steps). Full risk assessment required.