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Rent a Keg

We now own Rent a Keg, for more information & pricing please visit www.rent-a-keg.com

We can deliver you a high quality beer tap, beer cooler, and beer keg or kegs of your choice, virtually anywhere in England. Whether you want one beer keg or a hundred beer kegs, ranging from rare European brands to well-known high-street names, we can help.

You won’t have to worry about a thing. We arrive with everything and take it all away when we have finished.


Simply give us a call or send us an email via our contact us page, stating delivery postcode, event date and also what you require. We’ll deliver the equipment and drinks wherever you need them.

If the access is good it takes about 15 minutes to install and 10 minutes for us to show you how everything works.

If you are having Beer in different locations, you must inform us about this on ordering, as this will affect the amount of equipment we need to deliver.


Generally, we deliver kegs on Fridays and collect on Mondays. Sometimes when we are very busy we may deliver on Thursday and collect on the following Tuesday. 


Our technicians deliver and set up the equipment. We must set up the equipment on delivery in order to show you that everything is in good working order. If it needs to be moved (not advisable for Real Ale) from where we install it, the delivery person will show you how to do this.

We will also ask you to read and sign our Terms and Conditions when the delivery has been made, confirming that you understand how the system works and that everything is in good working order.

When we are finished setting up we will leave Instructions and a phone number for you to call in case you have any questions. This is also available to call over the weekend. 



  • A smart Beer Tap and electric Cooler System that the Beer pumps through to chill.
  • Other Connectors, Pipes & Valves to ensure that you have ice cold Beer on Tap.
  • All we need from you is a sturdy Table / Bar to clamp our Taps onto, and access to mains electricity. The Kegs, Gas and Cooler can all be placed on the floor


  • A Real Ale Tap, along with a Stillage (a cradle for the Cask to lie in), Cooling Coil and Jacket.
  • We need to deliver this at least 24 hours before your event starts in order to allow the Ale sufficient time to settle and condition. Once we have installed the system it must not be moved – otherwise the sediment will be disturbed making the Beer cloudy.
  • We supply a wide range of Real Ale, however some brands can take up to 2 weeks to order so please contact us well in advance of your party date.

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