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Themed Events

Themed events are always great fun for everybody and can be adapted from any event such as birthday, corporate or academic party. We can bring together all the elements required using our bespoke equipment, custom made props, decorations, entertainers and even themed background music. We have produced dozens of different themed events from Disney to James Bond, Jungle to Moroccan or Rubik’s Cube to Space Odyssey - there are plenty we can recommend.

Our themed events are quoted as "the most amazing parties ever to attend!". In this area of the business we truly excel all expectations. The key to any themed event is detail. Whether it's themed music playing in different locations of the event such as restrooms or entrance ways, to subtle lighting design including gobo projections and coloured surfaces washes, we've got it covered. We have many theming options to suit most budgets and you'll be suprised what we can offer.

We recommend exploring our theming section under the supplies section to view examples, while you can also view our latest themed parties under the recent events section of the website.

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