Tri-Cone Marquee

Compartmentalise your space using our exclusive Tri-Cone marquee structure.

In addition to all of our standard marquee structures, we offer further additions allowing your event to be separated into independent event spaces, all connected by one framework structure. 


What is this used for?

Our tri-cone marquee structure enables you to compartmentalise your space, for example, the dining area can be separated from the dance tent and the atrium can be created as the perfect reception space for your event. 

How is it built?

Combining our 15 years worth of marquee building experience, this could be the perfect option for you! This marquee structure is connected by three starter bays. It uses fixed spacers to ensure the correct layout and has an integral bracing system, restraining the roof’s down force. Two sides of the roof have fixed kader attachments with the third using a pocket and batten to lock into the kader profile. 

What does this look like?


  • This structure is essentially three standard structure marquees joined together forming a triangular space in the middle. The centre attached is in the shape of a large stunning cone. 
  • The PVC options for this marquee structure completely range and can be selected to your requirements. A magnificent looking clear cone can be used in the centre of this structure providing, a wide scope of day light through the focal point of your marquee.  

If you would like to speak to a member of our sales team for further information regarding this service, please contact us on 0845 900 7855.


Quotation Mark Quotation Mark
  • A complete pleasure, thank you SO MUCH for putting on such a fab party, everyone is saying it was the party of the year. As I said to you on the phone you have a great team who all care about the outcome, which was evident in the final show piece. Debbie Cragg, Birthday
  • The disco set-up you have is truly out of this world and your attention to detail (the blowup guitars and changing your set list to accommodate this) was impeccable. I have never experienced an atmosphere like it when the clock struck 12 o’clock. So thank you very much. David Cowan, Wedding
  • We used party doctors to hire frozen slush machines for my mums party. The delivery and guided set up was really helpful and the machines worked a treat, everyone loved them as we used them for frozen margaritas. Thank you so much to party doctors and their help to make my mums party a complete success. Hannah Turk, Birthday
  • I wanted to say a personal huge HUGE thank you for what an incredible job you and your team did on Saturday. I've been told it was the best party people had ever been to, by most guests, and I can certainly say I had one of the best nights of my life, and I'm not sure any birthday will ever top it! The silent disco idea was genius. And such a hit with the older crowd. The Le Pard Family, Family Party
  • We thought the party was fantastic. The marquee looked fabulous from start to finish it's been incredibly easy to deal with Party Doctors and we couldn't be happier with the service you provided. The barmen/marquee builders did a brilliant job and we had so many comments about the music, it was exactly what the girls wanted. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in the future. Vicki Watson, Birthday
  • Once again, a massive thank you to you and your team for putting on a great party. We had lots of comments about the quality, look and feel of the marquee which provided the perfect setting for a brilliant party. A special mention to Steve who was a top DJ and engaged really well with the crowd, and Dan who similarly was really good with everyone there. Elliot and the rest of the bar crew were fantastic - very professional and friendly and the place was kept in good shape throughout the night. Julian Smith, 40th birthday
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