• Ball Pits for Events

Ball Pits for Events

Create a splash at your next event! We can create an incredible ball pit sunken into the floor of your event structure.

How does it work?

1) We create an elevated raised platform on which the marquee sits on. We use a modular based system that allows us to take advantage of the contours of the land, so that we only raise the structure as high as is required to permit the ball pit to be flush with the floor of the marquee.

2) We then create a base to the ball pit using ur LiteDeck staging system, before bolting side sections on, creating a pit.

3) Then we apply padding around seating areas using thick custom shaped foam, and our carpenters apply finishing touches.

4) We fill the pit with usually no less than 10,000 balls!

Ball Colours

As standard, we use multi-coloured balls for our ball pits. We are able to provide single and dual-colour ball pits on request. We can also match balls used to a brand colour if this is required. We also have a very special UV option, similar to the effect seen throughout many popular London based ball-pit bars.

Light it up!

We utilise our substanstial lighting stock to create incredible, hypnotic effects across the ball pits during the event. We can also use our projection systems to project brand identity around the ball pit areas.

Check out a case study of a Party Doctors Ball Pit marquee here!

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Quotation Mark Quotation Mark
  • A massive THANK YOU to you too for your brilliant organisation & execution. What a great party & yes indeed to do it again. I look forward very much to seeing the photos. David Heilbron, 21st Birthday
  • A complete pleasure, thank you SO MUCH for putting on such a fab party, everyone is saying it was the party of the year. As I said to you on the phone you have a great team who all care about the outcome, which was evident in the final show piece. Debbie Cragg, Birthday
  • We thought the party was fantastic. The marquee looked fabulous from start to finish it's been incredibly easy to deal with Party Doctors and we couldn't be happier with the service you provided. The barmen/marquee builders did a brilliant job and we had so many comments about the music, it was exactly what the girls wanted. Thank you for being a great DJ. Vicki Watson, Birthday
  • Thanks we had a great night. We were really pleased with the service from you in the run up to the event and on the night. All the staff that came on Saturday night were great and so professional. The bar men did a great job as the cocktail bar was very popular but they managed it all well. Kimberley Zihni, Birthday
  • I'm still receiving thank you cards and messages saying 'best party ever been to', 'awesome venue', 'outstanding marquee'! Raj and Dom must take all the credit for these accolades, it was superb! - You gave me the best party ever! THANK YOU BOTH! Wendy, 60th Birthday
  • Once again, a massive thank you to you and your team for putting on a great party. We had lots of comments about the quality, look and feel of the marquee which provided the perfect setting for a brilliant party. A special mention to Steve who was a top DJ and engaged really well with the crowd, and Dan who similarly was really good with everyone there. Elliot and the rest of the bar crew were fantastic - very professional and friendly and the place was kept in good shape throughout the night. Julian Smith, 40th birthday
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